ZIR Augmented Reality Art
We collaborate with artists to create engaging, unique, and easy-to-experience Augmented Reality Artworks
All ZIR Art Works feature AR-layer and can be delivered in custom formats and sizes
Grand Style Splash,
Artwork printed on wooden framed canvas, 60*90cm or Giclee print edition of 77, 40*60cm
Evgeniy Lapchenko, 2018
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Modern variation of David Hockney's The Bigger Splash created by Evgeniy Lapchenko is a tribute to the whole Art Era and an effort to it's reconsideration with the help of Augmented Reality addition
Jump Through Time,
Giclee print edition of 1000, 50*40cm, signed and numbered by the artist, unframed
Waone Interesni Kazki, 2018
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"Jump through time" is a metaphor about time travel. This is about moment when your mind is racing so fast that you see the result of the chain of numerous activities, the moment when you can slow down the time
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