Augmented Reality Art
Brand collaboration proposal
Augmented Reality - is a technology that allows adding additional visual layer to practically any image and observe it through AR-enabled devices (mobile phones, tablets, glasses)
ZIR is AR-company that helps to create AR-layer for any visual materials and provides mobile app (iOS/Android) for its exploration by the end-users. Our main product is AR Art Pieces that we produce in collaboration with world-famous artists and distribute through our mobile app
How it works?
Augmented Reality Art made easy
Download ZIR
Our app is free to download and easy to use
Browse ZIR Art Gallery
See our free and available for purchase ZIR Art, learn more about it in the Art Work screen
Order Art you loved
ZIR Art is available in physical (canvas, posters and stickers) and digital (DIY/ready-to-print) formats
Explore Art in AR-view
Point camera at ZIR Art to instantly activate AR-layer, shoot cool videos of your experience and share it with your friends
Possibilities for brands
Our technical team expertise and app functional capabilities opens big opportunities for collaboration with brands
Provide additional content for products
Visualize how your product looks inside or give additional arguments for the purchase
Receive social boost
Integrate fun or entertaining content in AR-layer so that your customers could record their experience of interacting with your product and share it in social media
Use diversity of formats
AR-layer can be synchronized with live-video streams or other sources of online information and applied to communication materials of any-size or format (BigBoards, posters, stickers, graffiti or product packaging)
Collaborate with Artists
As an Augmented Reality Art platform, we offer collaborations with world-famous Artists in format of Product placement in AR-animation
Our deals
ZIR Basic
ZIR Advanced
500$/3 month
ZIR Custom
Timeline: 1 week - 1 month
Develop you AR-campaign strategy
Decide on what exactly do you want to showcase and what results is important for your brand
Choose your AR-marker visual and develop creative for AR-layer
You can use our advice on what will work best to achieve your goals
Develop animation for AR-layer
You can use your existing video-materials or create new with the help of our technical team or third party contractors
Add your branded AR-materials to ZIR
Integration and testing takes no more than one day
We're living in a time of extreme technological growth, regardless of industry. And the advancements of technologies like augmented reality (AR) can provide a major opportunity to separate your brand from the rest of the pack. (c) Forbes, Seven Tips To Leverage Augmented Reality For Your Brand