Jager Music Awards Ukraine

September-November 2018
Until 2018 Ukrainian musicians participated in a Jager Music Awards Russia and were represented in category Young Blood only

In 2018 Jager Music Awards Ukraine was held as a stand alone event for the first time

  • Ukraine-Russia conflict
  • Lack of support for local Ukrainian underground bands
  • No awards in independent music scene niche
  • Fast development of young independent music scene and its fanbase

Video report

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JMA Ukraine Milestones
September 18, Kiev, River Port
September 18, Kiev, River Port
Launch Event
September 18 - November 2
September 18 - November 2
Collecting of participants applications and voting
November 16,
Kiev, Kaif production
November 16,
Kiev, Kaif production
Jager Music Awards Final Event
13 winners were chosen in the following categories:

  • Young Blood - People's Choice, Grand Prix, Jager Awards
  • Main nominations - Band of the Year, Single of the Year, Hip Hop Artist of the Year, Rock Artist of the Year, Electronic Artist of the Year, Label of the Year, Live Event of the Year, DJ of the Year, Biggest Contribution in Industry, Video of the Year
In pictures and numbers
Audience: 1100
Artist performed: Xinobi, kAchevniki, Alina Pash, Cape Cod
Jägermeister distributed, liters: 35
Media goals: generate contest participants; invite guests to launch and final events; grow brand awareness
Reach, unique viewers
Budget, €
Social media (Facebook, telegram)
778 076
41 470
310 296
Radio (kiss.fm, Prosto Radio)
855 970
Special digital media (СЛУХ, W-O-S)
700 000+
Media content
User generated content
Number of participants
Number of unique voters
Number of unique visitors
Launch Event
Jager Music Awards Final Event
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Brand Manager Jägermeister Ukraine
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