ZIR digital | User Manual
Congratulations, if you're reading this, than you received a ZIR digital copy and your journey to DIY AR-Art is about to begin. In the pages below we will describe a few examples of how the attached pdf-file can be utilized.

Print a poster of any size
The cool thing is, it will AR-animate regardless of poster size and even... color scheme. So go ahead and print it with your printer or at the local print center. Put it in a frame to make it look fancier or print it on a poster paper for an old-school look.
Use it as a print for a t-shirt, hoodie or... your choice
Our advice here: place a print on a flat part of the clothing you create. The best practice is to use a medium-sized print (approximately 8x6 inches) and place it on the bottom part of the merch for women and top part of the merch for men, to avoid print distortion with body shapes.
Create your AR-sticker collection
We usually use a sticker size of 2.5x1.5 inches, but the choice is yours. Stickers work well for laptops, phones, cars and backpacks.
How to use our ready-to-print files right
Print it yourself on any type of paper or other material, and use it on a flat surface
Send it to your local printing company and attach this manual
Experiment and have fun
4 steps for doing it wrong
Don't change image dimensions
Don't crop it and don't compress files
Don't change the image and don't add anything to it
Don't crease or wrinkle what you printed, only flat visuals work perfectly