We collaborate with Artists to
create Augmented Reality Art
Contact us: team@getzir.com

1. AR-layer for your Art
We develop AR-animation for any of your Art Pieces or use your existing animation
2. Instant AR-view of your Art
Your Art Piece in any size or format available in AR-view in one week
3. Social boost
Users record their experience in photo & video, and share it in social media
4. Art distribution
Distribute your AR-Art in form of downloads and prints via our app
Empowering of your Artist brand
ZIR provides ability to uniquely develop personal brand as an Artist that is relevant to fans/clients (whereby artlovers hear your perspectives & inspirations, and engage directly with you as well as with your art)
Additional & scalable revenue stream
With the help of ZIR you can set up prices for physical and digital copies of your Art and earn commission of sales, plus participate in ZIR collaborations with brands
Expanded experience of art perception & opportunity to explore Art's newest frontier and medium