One-tap Augmented Reality solutions for Brands
Contact us: team@getzir.com

Develop AR-layer for your Ads
We develop AR-animation for any of your visual Ads or use your existing animation
Get instant AR-view of your Ads
Your Communication materials in any format available in AR-view in one tap
Receive Social boost
Users share photos and videos of how they interact with your Ads
Collaborate with Artists
As an Augmented Reality Art platform, we offer collaborations with famous Artists
Our advantages
Open ZIR app and point camera at Jagermeister bottle to see example of brand AR-promo
Fast launch of AR-campaign
Our app is ready for your branded content integration. Your customers around the world can see AR-layer of your communication materials within one week.
Various formats of AR-communication
Brand can provide own AR-animation or use our development team to create it. Apart from "classic" format we offer our customers to collaborate with ZIR Artists and integrate their branded content in the Art Works or their AR-layer.
Immersive and viral experience for your customers
AR is way of closer communication with your brand-lovers. With the help of the AR-technology you can deliver additional content with WOW-effect and motivate customers to share their experience.