Augmented Reality for creators
We collaborate with creators to make engaging, unique, and easy-to-experience Augmented Reality Products
ZIR is a platform that allows adding of AR-layer to any image, object or communication material and making it AR-enabled via mobile app within less than one day.

Our team of AR-enthusiasts helps to create and setup best fitting AR-animation for your visual materials regardless of its format.

We make your AR-products easy-to-explore with our mobile app and even help to distribute them within in-app ZIR Store.
AR-integration of your content
Your visual in any format becomes AR-enabled with your animation and available for anyone to view via ZIR app
AR-animation development
We develop 2D/3D animation or produce video that will fit perfect as AR-layer of your visual
Distribution of your AR-goods
Showcase your AR-enabled products in our in-app store and distribute it to your customers
Analytics of your AR-products performance
We provide you with a detailed report that includes number of daily interactions/purchases of your AR-product
Collaboration between businesses and creators
We collaborate with both creators and businesses and help in organization of productive and inspiring collaborations between this parties
Creation of custom AR-solutions
New app functions can be developed upon request
ZIR Store
As a part of the pivot, following updates are done:
- copyright update
- adding of items categorization
- adding of cart
ZIR Gallery with limited placement for Art Works only
ZIR Store with extended placement options that include Art, Fashion, Education, Entertainment and Sponsored products
ZIR items production and commission options
Internal production
ZIR receives 80% of sales
ZIR is responsible for physical goods production and shipping

ZIR sets the item price

ZIR provides product testing and certification
Monetization model
Monetization model works for corporate clients and private creators of any type
AR content integration, month
AR content integration, 3 month
AR content integration, year
Animation development
Placement in ZIR Store
% commission from sales
ZIR Categories
Customer types/Acquisition tactics
Customer types:
- Artists
- Art Agents
- Galleries
- Art Projects

- Art works integration with ZIR
- Animation development
- Production and distribution of AR-Art copies in ZIR Store
ZIR Clothing
Customer types:
- Clothing brands
- Individual designers
- Fashion projects

- Prints integration in ZIR
- Animation development
- Distribution of AR-clothing in ZIR Store
ZIR Brands
Customer types:
- International FMCG brands
- Local small and medium businesses

- Promo content integration in ZIR
- Animation development
- Custom development
- Collaboration projects
- Development and placement of AR-merch in ZIR Store
ZIR Media
Customer types:
- Printing press
- Informational agencies

- Integration of online content in printing materials (magazines, news papers, posters)
ZIR Corporate
Customer types:
- Corporate segment
- Government agencies

- Integration of AR-materials for education, navigation and work with data
- Animation development
- Custom development
Customer integration process
Enquiry analysis
Discussion of possible animation, analysis of customer goals and possibilities for integration in ZIR Store
Animation development
Adaptation of existing video for ZIR or development of new
ZIR Store integration (optional)
Discussion of product physical version formats for distribution and selection of production/commission model
Upload of product to ZIR
Processing of payment, animation and marker upload
User Acquisition
- collaboration with brands and media
- collaboration with famous Artists and Creators
- posting of new AR products from ZIR store
- posting of ZIR videos
User Retention
- push notifications and emails about new products in ZIR store
- push notifications emails with introduction of new markers with project description and markers possible geolocation
Turn any image into a source of amazing AR-content