UEFA x ZIR collaboration
Augmented Reality for Outdoor Communication
Augmented Reality - is a technology that allows adding additional visual layer to practically any image and observe it through AR-enabled devices (mobile phones, tablets, glasses)
ZIR is AR-company that helps to create AR-layer for any visual materials and provides mobile app (iOS/Android) for its exploration by the end-users. Our main product is AR Art Pieces that we produce in collaboration with world-famous artists and distribute through our mobile app
How it works?
Augmented Reality made easy
Develop AR-layer for your Ads
We develop AR-layer for any of your visual Ads or use your existing video/animations
Get instant AR-view of your Ads
Your Communication materials in any format available in AR-view in one tap
Receive Social boost
Users share photos and videos of how they interact with your Ads
Generate sales or required actions from users
Make your AR-layer clickable and generate sales/registrations
Possibilities for brands
Our technical team expertise and app functional capabilities open big opportunities for collaboration with brands
Provide additional content for products
Visualize how your product looks inside or give additional arguments for the purchase
Receive social boost
Integrate fun or entertaining content in AR-layer so that your customers could record their experience of interacting with your product and share it in social media
Use diversity of formats
AR-layer can be synchronized with live-video streams or other sources of online information and applied to communication materials of any-size or format (BigBoards, posters, stickers, graffiti or product packaging)
Generate sales
Integrate shopping options into your AR-layer and get instant sales from your outdoor communication
Our offer
UEFA is an international organization that produces lots of outdoor and printed communication materials starting with navigation and ending with promo materials. On the other hand, UEFA is all about emotion and participation of each fan in global soccer events.

That's why we offer to create AR-enabled communication materials for upcoming EURO 2020 event to turn each interaction with UEFA or its partners' materials into a memorable moment.

Outdoor advertising of partners could be AR-enhanced with promo-videos, navigation materials could be Augmented with video-instructions of UEFA workers and finally, tournament branding can generate sales!

This way, all communication materials will turn into something engaging and fun, which will also make partnership with UEFA more attractive and efficient.
White Label
We understand that UEFA needs its own branded app and can't use third-party apps in communication

That is why we offer to produce AR-app for UEFA based on our technically stable ZIR app

Also, we can integrate AR-module with preferred functions into your currently existing app

This means, you will not take risks that occur during development of app from scratch
Available features for your AR app
1. AR-view
Allows creating of AR-objects by uploading of a marker (that activates AR-layer) and AR-layer (that is shown to the user) into the app

Any 2D visuals or 3D objects can be applied as markers

Any 2D or 3D animations with or w/o sound can be applied

This feature works great to add additional content (from both UEFA and partners) to a common printed materials and promo-merchandise
2. AR-experience photo/video recording
Allows users to record photos and videos of his AR-interactions and instantly share it in social media without leaving the app

This feature is viable to engage creation of user generated content with UEFA/partners branding and receive higher social outreach
3. Integration of 3D-tour
Allows adding of 3D-tours in AR-layer of your communication materials (for example - tourist guides booklets, navigational signs)

This feature works great for demonstration of tournament venues and locations of UEFA HoReCa partners
4. Integration of action buttons
Allows users to make purchases/register on events or do others actions directly from AR-layer

This feature is viable to generate sales/actions and rich other action-goals within the app
5. AR-filters for personalized branded content
Add unique face-masks from UEFA and partners to help football fans create unique selfies

This is a killer-feature for the every football fan!
Fast development
We have already done most of the development, and need small amount of time on customization
Technical stability
Proposed features where implemented within our existing app and where successfully crash-tested by our user-base
Long-term investment
We provide you with a clean, scalable code, which could be developed by your/external technical team and used for further UEFA events
Customized for your needs
We don't offer all possible AR-functions, we want to create great cases, which will generate measurable results for your business and bring joy to your fans
Our offers
ZIR Basic
ZIR advanced